Resources and Tools

As I’ve been trying to teach myself how to make better music, improve as a person, and increase my general mad skills, I’ve come across several fantastic people who do fantastic work. Every link you see here has linearly impacted my writing and music. Listed in no particular order.

Links are to websites I use and trust. No affiliate links.

Music and Recording

  • Garageband and Beyond. All of my first attempts at making music stem from this Lewin’s good advice. These days he mostly does gear reviews, but his content is all well worth your time.
  • CSGuitar89. Casper usually does metal video game music, but in his X-thousand sub specials he shares his recording tips. He also has useful information on his website.
  • The Recording Revolution. Graham shares years of industry experience in text and video form. He writes primarily as a mixing engineer, but he writes about all the parts to getting a song from your head to your headphones.
  • The Garageband Guide. The best and most recent Garageband information on the Internet can be found here, thanks to Patrick. Get gear reviews and helpful tips on Garageband, both for your Macs and your iPads.

Mad Life Skills

  • College Info Geek. Thomas Frank started this blog in 2010. Since then he’s graduated, paid over $15,000 off in student loans and started his own full-time business. You want to win at life college? He will show you a dozen ways how.
  • Nerd Fitness. Doing pushups has never been so epic since Steve put it in terms of dissing the Empire and promoting the Rebellion. If you can’t be a Star Wars Rebel, might as well be a fitness one!
  • Zen Habits. No-nonsense wisdom from a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like you. Want to change your life for the better and form new habits? Take a read at Leo’s writing.

Miscellaneous Tools

Musical YouTubers

These are composers I love listening to who write, record, and produce all of their music by themselves. They occasionally do collaborations, but not always and not often. Check ’em out to see what you can do with the music in your head!

  • Adrian von Ziegler. Instrumental and orchestral music. My personal favorite genre of his is “Pagan Metal.”
  • Brunuhville. More instrumental and orchestral. His “Emotional” pieces are great!
  • Peter Crowley. “Epic” instrumental and orchestral music. All of Crowley’s pieces make you feel like you’re at the climax of an adventure.
  • Seth Buckingham. A lot of his instrumental/orchestral music is actually produced with Garageband, and it’s fantastic.
  • Michael Zethner. Metal, djent, and atmospheric post-hardcore. What more could you want from instrumental pieces?
  • Roman Barbur. Robar does a lot of covers, but his original metals songs are fantastic.

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